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On this page you read more about the most common obstacles you face in your life to get rid of your migraine attacks and the extensive use of pain killers. It also describes the impact on your life in 4 areas: work & income, relationships, personal growth and health.

Your suffering in life needs to be stopped. But first look at it. Do not put this pain under the carpet.

Stop damage to your brains and inner organs, increase your lifespan and start enjoying your weekends and holidays!



Migraine Financial Impact

Migraine Financial Impact in life

Migraine financial impact in life

Migraine financial impact is a study we have been taken very seriously. Most migraine and headache patients are not aware of the total costs throughout their life.
You might spend over your life time depending on the frequency and intensity of your attacks and the type of pain killers you take a large amount of money.  Taking  daily medications to prevent migraine attacks will increase costs significantly. Do you have side effects of the prescribed medication like more regular headaches you also get additional medication with more costs associated. Every year you might have to pay your own risk part for your  health insurance.

In addition you might loose career opportunities because of absence at work both for recovering and visiting doctors. Or absence costs, because you have to visit doctors. This means considerable absent  costs for your employer. If you work for yourself, you notice it immediately in your lower annual turnover. Moreover, there is a good chance that your career will less due to absence at work, because you have to recover.

Migraine financial impact life cost estimation

We offer a life cost estimate calculation derived from your personal data. Just answer 7 short questions and the cost survey will be delivered to your inbox.

You only have to answer 5 short migraine-related questions: 1) how many years you already have migraine attacks, 2) the number of monthly migraine attacks, 3) the average duration of each migraine attack, 4) if the migraines in the case of a woman are in sync with you cycle 5) how many days in the week you work. In addition 3 personal questions: your gender, your date of birth and your e-mail address. In the end these answers to these 7 questions have a major impact on the financial consequences during your life.

Based on these answers we calculate your expected financial expenses and add up everything per phase in your life. Think about phases like until retirement and after your retirement. The absence of costs and medication costs are also calculated. As well as the costs of doctor visits.

You will receive a PDF document in your email inbox. Please whitelist our email in case you encounter our report in your spam filter.

Migraine Inner self-help Stop Migraine and Headache online course

We offer a inner self-help stop migraine and headache online course to reduce your number of attacks and the intensity.

migraine attacks and Family

Migraine Attacks seeing family and friends less

Migraine Attacks and seeing family and friends less

Migraine attacks interfere with spending time with you family and friends. Your family is very important for you. You unfortunately never know in advance when you get a migraine attack or headache. Usually in weekends and holidays when you get more relaxed. You have to say no to family members or friends, because you have to stay in bed with the curtains closed. Your happiness in life is unfortunately smaller because of your migraine attacks.

You stay weekends and parts of your planned vacations in bed instead of having fun with friends, partners or children. It remains a very difficult social agenda to plan. You have to pass for pleasure moments at the last minute. This is a pattern you face for a long time. However you do not have to accept it. You’ve probably tried a lot and you’ve given up hope for a life without a headache. We are happy to help you increase your confidence in our inner self-help approach.

If you work at a company or you work for yourself a sense of guilt and extra stress arises. After all, your colleagues have to take over your work or you have to get your own work ready under great time pressure once you have recovered. As soon as you have more than 1 migraine attack per month during the work week, this situation is already annoying with regard to your work and stress.

Do you have children (also work) that you take care of then creates a sense of guilt as you can take care of them less well. If you have small children, you can not pick them up from school and ask someone else to do so. You are not here with a cup of tea as soon as they are out of school. Your family is indirectly affected by your migraine attacks. Looks good at this and do not wave it away.

Sign up for our inner self-help online course Stop Migraine and Headache and increase your happiness because you can spend more time with your family, family and friends.


migraine medicine pain killers

Migraine Medicine and Health

Migraine Medicine and Health

Migraine medicine are given to patients in 4 phases. Pain killers are in many cases used to cope with the pain. You face migraine attacks, you use pain killers and you have to recover. This is not good for your health and your life span. Please realize this in your heart. By taking painkillers you increase the risk of brain attacks when you get older.

By allowing your attacks to appear a couple of times a month your energy levels drop and you need to recover every time. This is not good for your overall health and organs.

migraine medicine pain killers

By not curing you migraines you will continue to suffer from headaches for many years to come. Before the painkiller starts working you are in deep pain.

Migraine medicine does not solve your migraine attacks. It helps you to cope with the migraine symptoms to some extent.

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Two kinds of migraine medicine are used to treat migraines:

Medicines to stop a migraine. Migraine headache medication are sometimes called abortive medicines. These may be over-the-counter or prescription medicines. The idea is that if you take the medicine at the first sign – which you need to learn – you’re getting a migraine, you may stop the headache before it gets worse.

Medicines to prevent migraines. These migraine headache medication or drugs are often called preventive medicines. You get them only with a prescription. You take these every day. Finding the right mix of medicines for you takes some time. It takes 4 phases until you get the strongest daily migraine medicine.

In most cases, your doctor will first prescribe a drug that causes the fewest side effects. And the less expensive ones.

Stop Migraines and Have Faith

Faith in inner migraine approach

Trust in inner migraine approach

You have been looking for all sorts of solutions for many years to prevent your migraine attacks or headaches? You probably have little confidence in our new inner approach. In the event that your mother or grandmother also suffered from migraine attacks or headaches, you probably have a strong belief that you have to learn to live with it.

By taking painkillers you have no confidence that you will ever get rid of it. Unconsciously you have decided that your migraine attacks or headaches are chronic for the rest of your life. This conviction has major consequences for your family, health and career possibilities during your life.

In case the migraine attacks are linked to your cycle this conviction is even stronger. Women are very often convinced that they will only be relieved of their migraine attacks after their cycle stop.

If you have children, the migraine attack is also a problem because you can care less for them. You can develop a sense of guilt for this. If you work then you also have a feeling of guilt due to the expected absence. You do not want to saddle colleagues with your work. If your father or mother or grandparents have suffered from migraine attacks for years then your conviction is very strong. They too have probably already tried everything. In this case you have inherited from your family the emotional charge that causes the migraine attacks . In fact it is not your problem. As long as you identify yourself with it, it is slanderous to look at it objectively from within.

Try our inner self-help method to stop your migraine attacks or headaches

We also request that you no longer rely on external products, massage or any other product recommended by third parties. We ask you to move inside and find the cause of your migraine attacks or headaches with some help from us. Do you trust? We help you to get this! Sign up for our Inner Self Help Online Course Stop Migraine and Headache.

Our Approach and offer



The Stop Migraines approach is very unique and simple. You do not need to buy any physical product whatsoever. You do not need to spend money throughout your life. You do not need to search further for any natural healthy additional solution. No need to cope with pain and learn techniques to deal with them. No need to change your lifestyle to prevent attacks to arise. Most solutions simply replace to some extent the use of painkillers but you still need them.


We address the 2 real causes of migraine headaches and teach you how to stop them by moving inside. Everybody can learns this. We teach you the ABC of sacred geometry and teach you how to align 2 energy lines in your head. We can bring you in contact with hundreds of former migraine patients to boost your faith.

migraine headache pain

Three Pain Levels

Migraines can be exhausting; the migraine pain is almost unbearable and the overall sensation reduces your quality of life dramatically.

Migraine Pain types:

  1. Existential or Self-Esteem Pain : extreme situations of pain, feeling bored, goals fulfilled early in life; no root cause for this; its our collective mind
  2. Emotional Migraine Pain: broken heart, not being loved, not being kind, not being as beautiful, ambition not fulfilled, fears, graving for recognition, not joining friends and problems at work
  3. Physical Migraine Pain: tension on the shoulders, bad sight, headaches and throwing up

Our estimates on Migraine Pain:

The migraine pain is in 50% of the cases only category type 3: Physical Pain.

The Migraine pain is in 40% of the cases category type 3 and type 2: Emotional Pain.

The Migraine pain might be in 10% of the cases category type 3,2 and type 1: Existential Pain.

migraine headache causes

Two Migraine Causes

After helping out migraine clients for over 25 years I must say migraine causes can be categorized into 2 main groups. I do have a different perspective compared to traditional treatment by medical doctors. I check your inner emotional charges and your sacred geometry alignments. The sacred geometry alignments reside in your aura in and around your body and head.

From my perspective any pain of a human is related to contracted energy, which is felt in your feeling consciousness. Energy gets contracted as a result of extreme fear. This occurs in case of a sudden impact both physically and emotionally. In both cases the geometrical alignments are off centre and in case of migraines the geometrical shapes rotating in your head connected to the senses of smell, touch and sight are not in perfect balance. This is one of the real migraine causes. In case you belief you are a little bit psychic you can see or sense these lines. [twitter_follow username=”migrainestop” language=”en”]

I have searched for over 25 years to trace down migraine causes and have found a solution. The solution to the migraine causes is one solution : to set right alignments and in case of extreme migraines to trace down traumatic situations from the past or accidents in which the head was hit.

Migraine Causes : Head hit in (early) childhood or accident

It implies the shape or structure in your head has been hit in the past. This can be as a result of falling on your head as a small child, a car accident, a cycling accident or a stick or ball hitting your head in the past.

I know patients, which remembered these events instantly when I asked them. They had never though about it again. A very small memory from early childhood popped up. One of the major migraine causes and easy to fix all by your self with a few instructions.

Migraine Causes : Heart emotionally hit in (early) childhood

At an early age our auras are 10 times as open compared to adults. In early childhood we are much more sensitive. It is hard to move back as an adult to the sensitivity of a child. It would be emotionally too painful. The expression of having an elephant skin refers to this. Compared too children adults have an elephant skin.

As children we all stored painful emotions into our physical bodies. Hernia patients store them into their backbones. The contracted fearful energy surrounding the bone results in physical damage of the bone over the years. Surgery does not take away the contracted energy. The anger has been so intense that a child takes the decision “I do not want to feel this pain” and stores it very intelligently into a bone or a moving part of the body. Later on the adult does not want to experience the pain as well and as such creates anger towards the illness. By this method the intense painful event is not felt again. It is an escape route. One of the major migraine causes.

In general migraine patients are very angry towards their migraine and head. This does not solve the issue but is one of the major factors driving migraine causes. They have been hurt emotionally in the past as well. Many belief:” I am not a kind person” and start helping others their whole life in order being perceived as a nice person. However this driving pattern sucks a lot of energy, because of the strong inner conflict.

One day as a child an adult was not kind to the child. In other words extreme anger towards a 10 times as open emotional body compared to the adult. This anger has been stored in some place in the emotional body of the child and has been sealed not to feel it ever again. This charge however has become part of the child and adult and as such part of the personality or self. The self is a collection of emotional charges residing in a person determining how the self is responding to the outer world. When all charges are dissolved the self does not exist any more and the individual will be beyond sorrow in life. As soon as we are all into this state the migraine causes are wiped out and the disease as well.

Migraine Causes as result of residing emotional charges

The real migraine causes are multiple instances of wrong identification resulted in the strong conviction that the person (child or adult) is not kind. Instead it was the energy of another person in the first place. This wrong belief results later on in life to help others all the time. A low self-esteem needs to be boosted constantly. It is one of the major migraine causes for heavy migraine patients in which migraine is resident over multiple generations in most cases in the mother family line.

migraine causes

Align Two Axes

The Ancient Egyptians used the great pyramid as a place of spiritual initiations. It happens to be that the shape of the great pyramid above and below the ground is the direct antidote for migraine headaches. How?

Migraine Headaches Sacred Geometry Shape

This shape is located in our head and the starting point of our awareness and consciousness. For this reason migraine patients are very sensitive to smell, taste and touch. In addition the inner light is created by means of the same shape stellated with another one. For this reason migraine patients close the windows to shut down both the inner and outer light. No light on the pineal gland slows down the inner light and as such less moving energies in the head. And as such less pain.

By studying this Ancient sacred geometry wisdom from the Egyptians and Tibetans you enter another dimensional world, which is very powerful. It works with the 2 basic principles of directing energies 1) attention and 2) intention. The intent puts every thing into motion. Because your attention is further away from the physical body the divine energies are on autopilot. What you want happens instantly. This is our main vehicle to Stop Migraine.

Before the fall of Atlantis we as the human race had a much higher conscious level and we where aware of these principles. The good news is as soon as you learn the ABC you quickly remember everything you need to know. Your inner self knows this.

The know-how on the planet about these things disappeared and resided only in monasteries and indigenous tribes. The funny thing about it is that every human walking on this planet has a deep inner knowing about it. You only need to connect to it and then everything unfolds. You can use this to Stop Migraine.

Migraine background Info

stop migraine headaches

Global Migraine Facts

Key Facts on world wide impact of migraine Migraine is the most common neurological condition in the developed world. It is more prevalent than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined – e.g. eight million people in the UK have migraine. This is on the total UK population of 60,5 million inhabitants 13,2%. Migraine ranks in the top Read more

stop migraines headaches

Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief a wish for many patients Migraine relief by traditional medical system The tradition medical system only hides the symptoms and pain for migraine patients without a solution to the real problem of migraine relief. Neurologists and other specialists who treat only the headache can’t seem to find what the problem really is. The migraine Read more

migraine headaches

Migraine Definition

Migraine definitions of symptoms instead of a disease More factors need to be taken into account to explain what migraines are. Different points of views exist on migraine definitions. I want to mention a few from the internet and from medical doctors. My personal point of view is very different and derived from Ancient Egyptian know-how. Migraine Read more

migraine symptoms

Migraine Symptoms

Migraine Symptoms, which are most striking Migraines are often undiagnosed and untreated. By traditional approach 4 steps are suggested mainly with painkillers or ultimately daily medicines. We suggest to take an ancient approach with its roots in Egypt. Migraine symptoms before the attacks An estimated 40%-60% of migraine attacks are preceded by premonitory (warning) symptoms lasting hours to days. Read more

migraine triggers

Migraine Triggers

Migraine Headaches triggers mentioned on the internet can be put into 2 categories: Pressure and movement stress from your boss skipping meals excercice poor posture Taste en Touch senses cheese red wine warm weather strong scents smoking caffeine Migraine headache triggers are all related to our senses. From my perspective only a very low percentage Read more

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Suggestion  1

Be kind to your head, because that relaxes most.

Send love and light to your head.

Suggestion  2

Trust and rely on the magical power of the universe which replaces every 7 years all your body cells.

Suggestion  3

Realize Stop Migraines approach addresses the 2 major causes and the energy approach is thousands of years old and has proven its power over the centuries.

Suggestion  4

Realize our Inner-Self-Help approach does not focus on symptoms.

Suggestion  5

Always see a doctor to diagnose your headache.

Suggestion  6

Realize you no longer have to damage your brains and organs.

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