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Welcome we present an inner stop migraines approach developed over the last 25 years

How to stop migraine attacks? Leverage from 25 years of experience in tracing down the two main causes of migraine headaches and developing a method to lower the frequency and intensity of attacks. A complementaire inner approach to stop migraine attacks without any external product e.g. painkillers or medicine.

Enjoy your weekends and holidays and possibly enlarge your life span with this natural healing approach. Stop damaging your inner organs and brains. Prevent losing career opportunities and lower medical or medical insurance costs throughout your life.

Stop migraine attacks both frequency and intensity by an inner approach.

Structural approach

Over the last 25 years have been treating all kinds of headache and migraine patients. By practicing all these years a method was developed to stop migraine attacks by means of an inner approach. Even the suïcide headache or Illness of Sjaastad passed by.

Migraine medication stops temporarily the pain. It does not address the cause of your attacks. With respect painkillers or 4 levels of migraine medicines treat only the symptoms. The headaches return. We traced down the 2 major causes of your attacks. Your head has been hit during an accident or your heart has been hit by an angry adult person in early childhood. You probably lost the memory of these incidents. You think you are not a kind person and start helping others all the time. This drained your energy level and tension is built up.

Look at your faith

You need to overcome lack of faith in this inner and from your perspective completely new approach. You might have tried many remedies, which did not help in the past. As such your faith in any remedy is low.

In addition migraine headaches might run in your family lines. A strong conviction : “migraine attacks can not be cured” might be resident in your consciousness. Your parent might have tried everything to cure his or her migraine attacks. Ignore this mental conviction and face with an open mind the suffering in your life. Do not accept migraine is a chronicle desease in your life.

Look at your suffering and move from survival to living!

If you are very desperate about the impact on your health and life span, the impact on your family life and the financial impact you might consider a new proven inner approach.

Choose for a life without preventive medicine or pain killers. Enjoy your weekends and holidays. Keep your body healthy and possibly increase your life span by eliminating your migraine attacks. And break to your absence limitations at work and enjoy new career opportunities.

migraine causes and pain body
pain body in and around head

How to stop your migraine attacks in your pain body

The figure represents your pain body on a very extreem subtle energetic level. It is part of the fast spiritual science of Sacred Geometry. In case this shape is under pressure the axes become out of balance and it starts bobbling. At this moment pain manifest in your head. Both the shape, axis and pulsing needs to be restored in a specific manner and multiple times during our treatment plan.

This shape exists and does not exist. It is part of your aura. While developing psychic abilities you first notice white light around peoples head, subsequently colors and finally Sacred Geometry shapes. This growth proces can take many years for a psychic healer or medium. It al depends on your own consciousness level what will unfold.

Migraine approach

The cause of migraine headaches can be an accident by which your head has been hit it the past. Secondly you heart might be hit by an angry adult during early childhood. The life events during the first seven years of early childhood most people forget completely. Special energetic energy enables you to remember these again. As soon as you become aware this traumatic energy underneath your migraine attacks starts to move and dissolve.

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An inner approach to migraine headaches addressing the 2 main causes. By means of special Energetic Therapy both the frequency and intensity of your attacks might be reduced. As soon as the cause underneath is touched upon your situation will improve. Leverage from 25 years of spiritual research on migraine headaches.

Another option in case you are a spiritual healer
to invest in training for the required techniques.

Why should you choose Pasanta Clinic?

The 3 main reasons for how to stop migraine attacks

From survival to living

By means of special energetic therapy you can – while consulting your regular doctor – reduce your medication. Enjoy your weekends and holidays. And no longer stress your body and increase possibly your life span.

Structural approach

We address the 2 major migraine causes. By aligning the axes and pulsing of the axis repeatedly in treatment plan we see the frequency and intensity of the migraine attacks being improved.

No side effects

Migraine medicine do have side effects in many patients. Although they might be beneficial they only reduce pain. It does not stop the manifesting of your attacks. Our inner approach has no side effects and the intent is to stop your attacks.

Jyotisha Tat
remote healing

How to stop migraine attacks?

A psychic healer developed over 25 years a method to reduce all kind of headaches among them migraine and eye migraine or cluster headache. Without any products and associated costs in the future.