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Migraine Headaches Inner Approach

Stop Migraine with Inner Approach

On this page you encounter:

  1. three types of pain
  2. two causes of migraine attacks
  3. traditional painkiller approach
  4. our approach to stop migraine

Migraines can be exhausting; the migraine pain is almost unbearable and the overall sensation reduces your quality of life dramatically.

Migraine Pain types:

  1. Existential or Self-Esteem Pain : extreme situations of pain, feeling bored, goals fulfilled early in life; no root cause for this; its our collective mind
  2. Emotional Migraine Pain: broken heart, not being loved, not being kind, not being as beautiful, ambition not fulfilled, fears, graving for recognition, not joining friends and problems at work
  3. Physical Migraine Pain: tension on the shoulders, bad sight, headaches and throwing up

Our estimates on Migraine Pain:

The migraine pain is in 50% of the cases only category type 3: Physical Pain.

The Migraine pain is in 40% of the cases category type 3 and type 2: Emotional Pain.

The Migraine pain might be in 10% of the cases category type 3,2 and type 1: Existential Pain.

The Psychical pain of a migraine headache can be very intense. It can get in the way of your activities. Migraine Pain is not the same for all people. Possible pain or trouble symptoms of migraines are:

Physical Migraine Pain

  • Intense throbbing or dull aching pain on one side of your head or both sides
  • Pain that worsens with physical activity
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Changes in how you see, including blurred vision or blind spots
  • Being bothered by light, noise or odors
  • Feeling tired and/or confused
  • Stopped-up nose
  • Feeling cold or sweaty
  • Stiff or tender neck
  • Light-headedness
  • Tender scalp

You may have a “premonition” several hours to a day before your headache starts. Premonitions are feelings you get that can signal a migraine is coming. These feelings can include intense energy, fatigue, food cravings, thirst and mood changes. These can be seen as emotional suffering.

Migraine Causes categorized into 2 main factors

After helping out migraine clients for over 25 years I must say migraine causes can be categorized into 2 main groups. I do have a different perspective compared to traditional treatment by medical doctors. I check your inner emotional charges and your sacred geometry alignments. The sacred geometry alignments reside in your aura in and around your body and head.

From my perspective any pain of a human is related to contracted energy, which is felt in your feeling consciousness. Energy gets contracted as a result of extreme fear. This occurs in case of a sudden impact both physically and emotionally. In both cases the geometrical alignments are off centre and in case of migraines the geometrical shapes rotating in your head connected to the senses of smell, touch and sight are not in perfect balance. This is one of the real migraine causes. In case you belief you are a little bit psychic you can see or sense these lines.

I have searched for over 25 years to trace down migraine causes and have found a solution. The solution to the migraine causes is one solution : to set right alignments and in case of extreme migraines to trace down traumatic situations from the past or accidents in which the head was hit.

Migraine Causes : Head hit in (early) childhood or accident

It implies the shape or structure in your head has been hit in the past. This can be as a result of falling on your head as a small child, a car accident, a cycling accident or a stick or ball hitting your head in the past.

I know patients, which remembered these events instantly when I asked them. They had never though about it again. A very small memory from early childhood popped up. One of the major migraine causes and easy to fix all by your self with a few instructions.

Migraine Causes : Heart emotionally hit in (early) childhood

At an early age our auras are 10 times as open compared to adults. In early childhood we are much more sensitive. It is hard to move back as an adult to the sensitivity of a child. It would be emotionally too painful. The expression of having an elephant skin refers to this. Compared too children adults have an elephant skin.

As children we all stored painful emotions into our physical bodies. Hernia patients store them into their backbones. The contracted fearful energy surrounding the bone results in physical damage of the bone over the years. Surgery does not take away the contracted energy. The anger has been so intense that a child takes the decision “I do not want to feel this pain” and stores it very intelligently into a bone or a moving part of the body. Later on the adult does not want to experience the pain as well and as such creates anger towards the illness. By this method the intense painful event is not felt again. It is an escape route. One of the major migraine causes.

In general migraine patients are very angry towards their migraine and head. This does not solve the issue but is one of the major factors driving migraine causes. They have been hurt emotionally in the past as well. Many belief:” I am not a kind person” and start helping others their whole life in order being perceived as a nice person. However this driving pattern sucks a lot of energy, because of the strong inner conflict.

One day as a child an adult was not kind to the child. In other words extreme anger towards a 10 times as open emotional body compared to the adult. This anger has been stored in some place in the emotional body of the child and has been sealed not to feel it ever again. This charge however has become part of the child and adult and as such part of the personality or self. The self is a collection of emotional charges residing in a person determining how the self is responding to the outer world. When all charges are dissolved the self does not exist any more and the individual will be beyond sorrow in life. As soon as we are all into this state the migraine causes are wiped out and the disease as well.

Migraine Causes as result of residing emotional charges

The real migraine causes are multiple instances of wrong identification resulted in the strong conviction that the person (child or adult) is not kind. Instead it was the energy of another person in the first place. This wrong belief results later on in life to help others all the time. A low self-esteem needs to be boosted constantly. It is one of the major migraine causes for heavy migraine patients in which migraine is resident over multiple generations in most cases in the mother family line.

Migraine regular pain killer approach

Below we describe most common steps, which are advised to take. We do not agree with these and have taken another road map back in time to energy work to find the cause of Migraines and to present a permanent solution for today.

Step 1: Identify Migraine triggers and rest in dark room

The first line of migraine treatment is always to try and identify trigger factors, which means keeping a careful record of events, mainly of foods that have preceded an attack. Particular foods are identified as migraine triggers in about 20 per cent of sufferers.

The large female migraine sufferers points to the importance of hormonal factors such as the menstrual cycle, which are not modifiable. Many women also find that the oral contraceptive pill worsens attacks, and if so it should be stopped.

People suffering a migraine should try to rest in a dark, quiet room. This brings more peace in the head as we explain in more detail.

Step 2: Take simple pain killers at the start of an attack

Migraine Treatment is most effective if given at the start of an attack. Simple painkillers such as paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen, can be effective at relieving migraine and are usually the first treatment tried.

These pain killers are preferably taken in soluble or liquid form, as these are absorbed by the body faster. If nausea or vomiting are a problem then an anti sickness medicine can be taken with the painkiller. Migraleve contains co-codamol in combination with the anti sickness medicine buclizine. Alternatively your doctor may prescribe the anti sickness medicines domperidone or metoclopramide; these also speed up the absorption of painkillers.

We describe the Stop Migraine Inner Self-Help System, which is a direct healing method on the cause. You do not need any pain killers and antisickness medicines to speed up the absorption in the bloodstream of the pain killers.

Step 3: Take stronger pain killers at the start of an attack

If simple painkillers and anti sickness medicines consistently fail to relieve migraine attacks, then the most popular modern remedies are the ‘triptan’ group of drugs. These medicines include sumatriptan, rizatriptan and zolmitriptan, among others.

These drugs cause the blood vessels around the brain to contract, thus counteracting the dilatation that seems to part of the initial migraine process. They come in various forms, including nasal sprays, injections and tablets that dissolve on the tongue, which can be useful if nausea and vomiting are a problem during the migraine.

Step 4: Taking daily medications

If attacks are sufficiently frequent or last a long time, preventive treatment or prophylactic treatment as doctors call it, may be recommended. This usually involves taking daily medication, so may not be appropriate for people who suffer only occasional migraines. Examples of medicines that can be used in this way are: propranolol, pizotifen, topiramate, amitriptyline and valproate.

Migraine Headaches and cause explained by Ancients

The Ancient Egyptians used the great pyramid as a place of spiritual initiations. It happens to be that the shape of the great pyramid above and below the ground is the direct antidote for migraine headaches. How?

Stop MigraineMigraine Headaches Sacred Geometry Shape

This shape is located in our head and the starting point of our awareness and consciousness. For this reason migraine patients are very sensitive to smell, taste and touch. In addition the inner light is created by means of the same shape stellated with another one. For this reason migraine patients close the windows to shut down both the inner and outer light. No light on the pineal gland slows down the inner light and as such less moving energies in the head. And as such less pain.

By studying this Ancient sacred geometry wisdom from the Egyptians and Tibetans you enter another dimensional world, which is very powerful. It works with the 2 basic principles of directing energies 1) attention and 2) intention. The intent puts every thing into motion. Because your attention is further away from the physical body the divine energies are on autopilot. What you want happens instantly. This our vehicle to Stop Migraine.

Before the fall of Atlantis we as the human race had a much higher conscious level and we where aware of these principles. The good news is as soon as you learn the ABC you quickly remember everything you need to know. Your inner self knows this.

The know-how on the planet about these things disappeared and resided only in monasteries and indigenous tribes. The funny thing about it is that every human walking on this planet has a deep inner knowing about it. You only need to connect to it and then everything unfolds. A psychic healer can use this to Stop Migraine. Subscribe for remote healing.