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Migraine Medicine and long term health issues

Migraine Medicine and Health

Migraine medicine are given to patients in 4 phases. Pain killers are in many cases used to cope with the pain. You face migraine attacks, you use pain killers and you have to recover. This is not good for your health and your life span. Please realize this in your heart. By taking painkillers you increase the risk of brain attacks when you get older.

By allowing your attacks to appear a couple of times a month your energy levels drop and you need to recover every time. This is not good for your overall health and organs.

migraine medicine pain killers

By not curing you migraines you will continue to suffer from headaches for many years to come. Before the painkiller starts working you are in deep pain.

Migraine medicine does not solve your migraine attacks. It helps you to cope with the migraine symptoms to some extent.

Inner approach for migraine headaches?

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Two kinds of migraine medicine are used to treat migraines:

Medicines to stop a migraine. Migraine headache medication are sometimes called abortive medicines. These may be over-the-counter or prescription medicines. The idea is that if you take the medicine at the first sign – which you need to learn – you’re getting a migraine, you may stop the headache before it gets worse.

Medicines to prevent migraines. These migraine headache medication or drugs are often called preventive medicines. You get them only with a prescription. You take these every day. Finding the right mix of medicines for you takes some time. It takes 4 phases until you get the strongest daily migraine medicine.

In most cases, your doctor will first prescribe a drug that causes the fewest side effects. And the less expensive ones.