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Migraine financial impact

Migraine financial impact in life

Migraine financial impact is a study we have been taken very seriously. Most migraine and headache patients are not aware of the total costs throughout their life.
You might spend over your life time depending on the frequency and intensity of your attacks and the type of pain killers you take a large amount of money.  Taking  daily medications to prevent migraine attacks will increase costs significantly. Do you have side effects of the prescribed medication like more regular headaches you also get additional medication with more costs associated. Every year you might have to pay your own risk part for your  health insurance.

In addition you might loose career opportunities because of absence at work both for recovering and visiting doctors. Or absence costs, because you have to visit doctors. This means considerable absent  costs for your employer. If you work for yourself, you notice it immediately in your lower annual turnover. Moreover, there is a good chance that your career will less due to absence at work, because you have to recover.

Migraine Financial Impact

Migraine Financial Impact

Migraine financial impact life cost estimation

We offer a life cost estimate calculation derived from your personal data. Just answer 7 short questions and the cost survey will be delivered to your inbox.

You only have to answer 5 short migraine-related questions: 1) how many years you already have migraine attacks, 2) the number of monthly migraine attacks, 3) the average duration of each migraine attack, 4) if the migraines in the case of a woman are in sync with you cycle 5) how many days in the week you work. In addition 3 personal questions: your gender, your date of birth and your e-mail address. In the end these answers to these 7 questions have a major impact on the financial consequences during your life.

Based on these answers we calculate your expected financial expenses and add up everything per phase in your life. Think about phases like until retirement and after your retirement. The absence of costs and medication costs are also calculated. As well as the costs of doctor visits.

You will receive a PDF document in your email inbox. Please whitelist our email in case you encounter our report in your spam filter.

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