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Migraine Headaches Family Impact

Migraine Attacks and seeing family and friends less

Migraine attacks interfere with spending time with you family and friends. Your family is very important for you. You unfortunately never know in advance when you get a migraine attack or headache. Usually in weekends and holidays when you get more relaxed. You have to say no to family members or friends, because you have to stay in bed with the curtains closed. Your happiness in life is unfortunately smaller because of your migraine attacks.

You stay weekends and parts of your planned vacations in bed instead of having fun with friends, partners or children. It remains a very difficult social agenda to plan. You have to pass for pleasure moments at the last minute. This is a pattern you face for a long time. However you do not have to accept it. You’ve probably tried a lot and you’ve given up hope for a life without a headache. We are happy to help you increase your confidence in our inner self-help approach.

migraine attacks and Family

migraine attacks and Family

If you work at a company or you work for yourself a sense of guilt and extra stress arises. After all, your colleagues have to take over your work or you have to get your own work ready under great time pressure once you have recovered. As soon as you have more than 1 migraine attack per month during the work week, this situation is already annoying with regard to your work and stress.

Do you have children (also work) that you take care of then creates a sense of guilt as you can take care of them less well. If you have small children, you can not pick them up from school and ask someone else to do so. You are not here with a cup of tea as soon as they are out of school. Your family is indirectly affected by your migraine attacks. Looks good at this and do not wave it away.

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