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Three pain levels

Migraines can be exhausting; the migraine pain is almost unbearable and the overall sensation reduces your quality of life dramatically.

Migraine Pain types:

  1. Existential or Self-Esteem Pain : extreme situations of pain, feeling bored, goals fulfilled early in life; no root cause for this; its our collective mind
  2. Emotional Migraine Pain: broken heart, not being loved, not being kind, not being as beautiful, ambition not fulfilled, fears, graving for recognition, not joining friends and problems at work
  3. Physical Migraine Pain: tension on the shoulders, bad sight, headaches and throwing up

Our estimates on Migraine Pain:

The migraine pain is in 50% of the cases only category type 3: Physical Pain.

The Migraine pain is in 40% of the cases category type 3 and type 2: Emotional Pain.

The Migraine pain might be in 10% of the cases category type 3,2 and type 1: Existential Pain.