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Our Approach and offer


The Stop Migraines approach is very unique and simple. You do not need to buy any physical product whatsoever. You do not need to spend money throughout your life. You do not need to search further for any natural healthy additional solution. No need to cope with pain and learn techniques to deal with them. No need to change your lifestyle to prevent attacks to arise. Most solutions simply replace to some extent the use of painkillers but you still need them.


We address the 2 real causes of migraine headaches and teach you how to stop them by moving inside. Everybody can learns this. We teach you the ABC of sacred geometry and teach you how to align 2 energy lines in your head. We can bring you in contact with hundreds of former migraine patients to boost your faith.

The Ancient Egyptians used the great pyramid as a place of spiritual initiations. It happens to be that the shape of the great pyramid above and below the ground is the direct antidote for migraine headaches. How?

Migraine Headaches Sacred Geometry Shape

This shape is located in our head and the starting point of our awareness and consciousness. For this reason migraine patients are very sensitive to smell, taste and touch. In addition the inner light is created by means of the same shape stellated with another one. For this reason migraine patients close the windows to shut down both the inner and outer light. No light on the pineal gland slows down the inner light and as such less moving energies in the head. And as such less pain.

By studying this Ancient sacred geometry wisdom from the Egyptians and Tibetans you enter another dimensional world, which is very powerful. It works with the 2 basic principles of directing energies 1) attention and 2) intention. The intent puts every thing into motion. Because your attention is further away from the physical body the divine energies are on autopilot. What you want happens instantly. This is our main vehicle to Stop Migraine.

Before the fall of Atlantis we as the human race had a much higher conscious level and we where aware of these principles. The good news is as soon as you learn the ABC you quickly remember everything you need to know. Your inner self knows this.

The know-how on the planet about these things disappeared and resided only in monasteries and indigenous tribes. The funny thing about it is that every human walking on this planet has a deep inner knowing about it. You only need to connect to it and then everything unfolds. You can use this to Stop Migraine.