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Stop Migraine Headaches San Diego Dermatologist Dr Goldman

migraine symptoms

Migraine Headaches  by San Diego Dermatologist Dr. Goldman.

Dr. Goldman explains that the difference between your average headache and a migraine is that the migraine is a severe headache that will last for several hours, sometimes several days. It will also affect how you are able to function throughout your day or whether or not you might get any sleep. There are some triggers that you might to be aware of, as Dr. Goldman explains. Things such as stress, lack of sleep, different foods, changes in your environment, medications and even hormonal changes in women can trigger migraines. Getting rid of the migraines can be very difficult. In extreme cases, pain medications can be used.

Please watch this fantastic video on migraine triggers. We suggest a different remedy but the basic info is very good!


Jyotisha Tat


Jyotisha Tat