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Migraine Headaches an inner approach

Migraine Headaches and cause explained by Ancients

The Ancient Egyptians used the great pyramid as a place of spiritual initiations. It happens to be that the shape of the great pyramid above and below the ground is the direct antidote for migraine headaches. How? On this page you read more about the most common obstacles you face in your life to get rid of your migraine attacks and the extensive use of pain killers. It also describes the impact on your life in 4 areas: work & income, relationships, personal growth and health. Your suffering in life needs to be stopped. But first look at it. Do not put this pain under the carpet. Stop damage to your brains and inner organs, increase your lifespan and start enjoying your weekends and holidays.  And save money throughout your possible longer lifespan.

stop migraines headaches
Migraine Headaches Remedy in Ancient Egypt
migraine causes
migraine causes

Migraine Headaches Sacred Geometry Shape

This shape is located in our head and the starting point of our awareness and consciousness. For this reason migraine patients are very sensitive to smell, taste and touch. In addition the inner light is created by means of the same shape stellated with another one. For this reason migraine patients close the windows to shut down both the inner and outer light. No light on the pineal gland slows down the inner light and as such less moving energies in the head. And as such less pain.

By studying this Ancient sacred geometry wisdom from the Egyptians and Tibetans you enter another dimensional world, which is very powerful. It works with the 2 basic principles of directing energies 1) attention and 2) intention. The intent puts every thing into motion. Because your attention is further away from the physical body the divine energies are on autopilot. What you want happens instantly.

Before the fall of Atlantis we as the human race had a much higher conscious level and we where aware of these principles. The good news is as soon as you learn the ABC you quickly remember everything you need to know. Your inner self knows this.

migraine headache causes
migraine headache causes

The know-how on the planet about these things disappeared and resided only in monasteries and indigenous tribes. The funny thing about it is that every human walking on this planet has a deep inner knowing about it. You only need to connect to it and then everything unfolds.

Migraine Headaches Cure System

As soon as you have gained the exact knowledge you will be able to cure your migraine over night. As a psychic healer noticing immediate results with patients over the years and reaching a 80%-90% success rate I started to look for another cause to reach the 90%-95% success rate levels. Most patients suffer from the belief I AM NOT A KIND PERSON. For this reason they are helping others all the time and do not live in peace with themselves.

This self belief first seem to be very difficult to break in one healing session. However over the years it became more and more easy while gaining stronger confidence about the road I was directed too. Another subject is the fact of the belief system migraine headaches patients have: migraine can not be cured. This is collective resident in the collective human mind and should be ignored. This one is not that difficult to overcome. How many patients are cured from non curable diseases around the world?

A very specific visualization from within the darkness is the ultimate cure to solve this problem. For this reason migraine headaches patients intuitively shut down the curtains. It moves their attention from the head to the heart, where our feeling consciousness resides. Free your self from the migraine prison and request remote healing.